Included Surnames

Who May Join?

Membership in the McQuillan Clan Association is open to any and all individuals bearing one of the McQuillan clan surnames, or having descent from a McQuillan ancestor, regardless of race, religion or gender. Membership automatically includes membership privileges for a member’s spouse and dependent family. Associate membership is available on application to others having an interest in the history or genealogy of the McQuillan clan.

The McQuillan Clan Association accepts any of the known spellings of the McQuillan surname:

MacQuillan MacQuilland MacQuillen MacQuillian MacQuillin MacQuillion
MacQuillon MacQuilly MacWillie McQueelan McQueelin McQuelan
McQueland McQuelian McQuelin McQuellan McQuelland McQuellin
McQuill McQuillan McQuilland McQuillen McQuillian McQuillin
McQuillion McQuillon Quillan Quillen Quillin  Quillian

The following surnames are usually distinct clan names, but can occasionally represent a “hidden” derivation from a McQuillan surname. Bearers of these names may be accepted into the association where a relationship is shown to one of the McQuillan surnames, or may wish to become associate members if such a relationship is suspected but not yet demonstrated:

Campbell Cullen Killen MacAilan MacCaillan MacCaillion
MacCullen MacKillan MacKillian MacKillon McAilin McAyland
McKillan McKillin McKillion McKillon McWilliam McWilliams