The McQuillan Clan Association is an ¬†informal association of McQuillans founded to bring together the bearers of the McQuillan surname and its variations, their descendants and colleagues, in a society having a common interest in the study of the McQuillan history, heritage, and genealogy. The Association’s goals are:

  • To study and preserve the clan’s history and traditions;
  • To foster links between McQuillans throughout the world;
  • To recognize and celebrate the achievements of individual McQuillans;
  • To honor and perpetuate the heritage of the McQuillan clan; and
  • To promote links between McQuillans and the clan’s Irish homeland.

To accomplish these objectives, the McQuillan Clan Association carries out the following activities:

  • Public Website: The Association utilizes its public website page to inform the public about the McQuillan clan and its history and accomplishments, and to publicly promote clan and member events.
  • Genealogy: The Association carries out genealogical research in areas related to its study of clan history. It actively collects, indexes and makes available to its members genealogical source data and compiled pedigrees on McQuillan families. The Association also advises members who wish to trace their ancestry by suggesting sources and techniques.
  • DNA Project: The Association sponsors a DNA study to learn more about the clan’s origins and to shed light on the interconnections between McQuillan families and between the McQuillan clan and other Irish clans and families.
  • Historical Research: The Association is engaged in researching the history of the clan and its homeland.
  • Gatherings: The Association seeks to encourage, sponsor, and publicize local, regional and international clan gatherings and McQuillan family reunions, and supports McQuillan participation in Irish cultural fairs and events.
  • Awards and Scholarships The Association seeks to honor contributions to our clan’s research and activities, and to encourage scholarship and the perpetuation of Irish artistic and cultural traditions, by awarding trophies, honors and scholarships, and by maintaining memorials.
  • Heritage Awareness & Preservation: The Association works to encourage and assist the preservation of the relics, artifacts, sites and antiquities relating to the McQuillan clan and to its homeland in Ireland. It also seeks to heighten awareness and understanding of the cultural heritage of the McQuillan clan by encouraging tourism in Ireland, particularly in the areas associated with the McQuillans.

There are no paid staff, and the officers of the association are volunteers who receive no compensation. To undertake this ambitious program, we need your support in whatever form you are able to participate – whether simply through becoming a member, by offering your ideas and suggestions, or by volunteering your time and skills to help with administrative tasks or member activities, we will welcome your involvement.

Who May Join?

Please refer to our list of surnames to determine eligibility for becoming a member. Associate membership is also available.

Your Membership is FREE OF CHARGE, simply register to join or contact us for more details.